Five Bad Habits of Employees that Destroy Their Productivity

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Five Bad Habits of Employees that Destroy Their Productivity

  • 1

    Negative Expectations

  • 2

    Undermining Self-Talk

  • 3

    Limited Attention

  • 4

    Not Asking “Dumb” Questions

  • 5

    Ignorance of What We Love To Do and Are Meant To Do

Before founding CLUE Institute, Susan Jamison had a corporate career at IBM and Sun Microsystems in Silicon Valley. Among her many roles were Business Planning, Process Architect, Metrics Diva, and Business Intelligence Engagement Manager.  She worked in just about every function and in software, hardware, and telecommunications product areas.

Susan is expert at designing, developing, and deploying major programs to improve business results. Her specialty is engaging stakeholders and sparking new thinking among them to produce stellar results. She developed expertise in both the organization discipline and individual potential aspects of initiatives.

If you want different results, you need to think differently. CLUE Institute programs help individuals un-learn old thinking that keeps your organization stuck in habitual ways.

"I know that gifted learners are distinguished by their ability not to answer, but to ask questions. This is the only place where I have heard anyone expound on the value of that and provide guidance on harnessing the incredible power of questions. Thank you!"

- Manager, High Technology
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