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Habits determine how we think and how we see the world. We all have the potential to have great insights and ideas and express ourselves freely; however, misconceptions and assumptions that have turned into ineffective habits decrease productivity without us even realizing it. 

It’s difficult if not impossible to change a habit; what does work is to replace ineffective ones with effective ones.

That’s why I wrote the Four Ineffective Habits That Severely Limit Employee Productivity, to help clients on the path to replacing those inefficient habits with new efficient ones.

I want to give you your FREE copy today, so your teams and organizations can become more productive, and also amazingly resourceful, and highly engaged.

During her high-tech career, Susan Jamison became expert at taking on challenging initiatives and bringing out the best in people to deliver remarkable results.

As founder and CEO of CLUE Institute, Susan offers clients insightful expertise, enabling them to develop greater personal power and fulfillment so they become more effective in their work and ultimately build lasting competencies for personal and organization excellence.

If you want different results, you need to think differently. CLUE Institute helps individuals un-learn old thinking that keeps your organization stuck in habitual ways.

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