About Susan Jamison

Susan Jamison Before founding CLUE Institute, Susan Jamison had a corporate career at IBM and Sun Microsystems in Silicon Valley. Among her many roles were Business Planning, Process Architect, Metrics Diva, and Business Intelligence Engagement Manager. She worked in just about every function and in software, hardware, and telecommunications product areas.

Susan is expert at designing, developing, and deploying major programs to improve business results. Her speciality is engaging stakeholders and sparking new thinking among them to produce stellar results. She developed expertise in both the organization discipline and individual potential aspects of initiatives.

Susan founded CLUE Institute about the same time she was consulting in Switzerland with the nuclear valve division of Control Components, Inc. CLUE, an acronym meaning Continuous Learning for Understanding of Excellence, was formed to focus on her unique and successful approach to enabling excellence, to helping corporate teams bring out the best in themselves and their projects.

Her work focuses on excellence from both the inside-out (individual potential) and the outside-in (organization conditions) perspectives.

Education, Certifications, and Training


  • Stanford University, BA, with Honors


  • Personal Creativity in Business Advisor and Coach
  • How to Fascinate® System Advisor and Coach
  • Creatively Fit Coach
  • Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Project Management

Training includes:

  • National Speakers Association Speakers Academy
  • Learning Organization
  • Design Thinking
  • Thiagi Interactive Training Design
  • Michael Gelb’s Mastering Creativity
  • Disney Institute’s Inspiring Corporate Creativity
  • Brendon Burchard’s High Performance and Expert Academies
  • Bo Eason’s Personal Story Power Mastermind


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  • The Creativity Story
  • What is Creativity? Why is it Relevant to Innovation?


  • Creativity Insights White Paper
  • Organizational Vision Project at Santa Teresa Laboratory (IBM Technical Report)
  • Software Development Process Self-Assessment (IBM Technical Report)
  • A Project Management Vision and Assessment Tool (IBM Technical Report)