Susan’s subject-matter expertise coupled with her passion and honesty made the learning experience fun and dynamic. She used a variety of modes…to generate new ideas and solutions. I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in looking at the familiar in new and different ways.
Project Manager, Information Technology

THANK YOU, Susan, for offering such an awesome class and sharing your warmth and enthusiasm in every session.
Project Manager, High Technology

It is one of the best classes I have ever attended. The content, the ‘live-withs,” the meditations, as well as conversations, all were great. Susan brings a lot of passion in conducting this class. I really thank her for conducting the class; the timing of it was just a godsend.
Program Manager, Information Technology

Susan brings a wealth of knowledge and insight on the subject of personal creativity. In her class, I learned that we all possess the skills and abilities to cultivate creativity; it’s a matter of being open to face the restrictions we’ve imposed on ourselves and gaining awareness of the ways to express and unleash our creative thoughts. I thoroughly enjoyed Susan’s class and continue to use the tools she presented in the class on a regular basis.
Program Manager, Engineering

The course was one of the highlights of my time at ProMatch and I hope you are successful bringing it to the world.
Researcher, High Technology

I know that gifted learners are distinguished by their ability not to answer, but to ask questions. This is the only place where I have heard anyone expound on the value of that and provide guidance on harnessing the incredible power of questions. Thank you!
Manager, High Technology

This course has been very helpful and fun. The exercises are very stimulating and encourage you to think outside the box and to clear your mind and let the creativity flow. There were so many parts I enjoyed. The short films used to illustrate the “live-withs” were very good. There is a module on “having no expectations” which I applied each week to be open to all the different ideas and insights which made me go, “Hmmm.” The VOJ (voice of judgment) has to be one of the key things I took away…. makes you stop and think about yourself and others, and how you prevent yourself from being the best you can be. I would recommend this course to anyone at any point in their lives.
Executive Administrator, High Technology

Susan worked in my group and while she was in training to teach the creativity part of her program, about ten years ago, we regularly discussed the Live-Withs. Our conversations were always both enjoyable and informative. Her enthusiastic and creative application of the Live-Withs impressed me very much. Beyond just discussing it, she even helped me by sharing background and information for one of the specific topics which I was able to successfully apply with my kids. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in applying a new perspective to help drive change for themselves and their environment.
Senior Director, High Technology

Susan is passionate about quality and organizational learning, and talks the talk and walks the walk. She has an effervescent personality and contagious enthusiasm no matter the subject. She has unmatched integrity, follows through, and is an able leader.
Senior Manager for Executive Training, current University Professor, High Technology

Susan is a woman with ideas. If she decides to create something, she does it thoughtfully with reflection, integrating what she knows with new information thoroughly researched from a wide variety of resources. She is also a big picture person. She has been used in business to oversee projects, to find the strengths and weaknesses in a project, to pull people into the vision so that they see how their piece relates to the whole. She is a people person, not because she is friendly and easy to talk to (which is also true) but because she helps people see their value and their importance in the big picture. Susan is intelligent, creative, risk-taking, genuine, very self-disciplined and focused. I would hire her in a minute.
Education Management Professional, Silicon Valley

A strength that Susan takes full advantage of is her teamwork. She is very good at working with volunteers and virtual teams to get things done. She knows how to balance project needs with the ‘real jobs,’ …to meet all of her deliverables throughout the year.
Director, Software Marketing Operations

Susan consistently demonstrates teamwork, integrity and courage. Her innovation, change management skills, and customer focus…drive to results which are repeatable and defendable.
Senior Director, Software Marketing Operations

Snippets from various individual contributors in high tech:

I didn’t think I was creative and now I know I am. The class inspired me.

It helped me to trust myself more to make decisions. These skills are not only important in a business setting, but in life.

This class reaffirms my sense of who I am and where I’m going.

The course gave me the tools to change, have more confidence in myself and get more out of life. Exceptional experience! Thank you so much for sharing your time, knowledge and heart!

Increased awareness has helped me stay on schedule and more open to opportunities.

I now know the obstacles that prevent me from achieving my goals and from being more positive.

It is very important to know that I can rely on my creativity. That it does not just show up willy-nilly, but that there are processes to stimulate it, enhance it, and put it at my service.

Awareness of my creativity keeps me interested, excited, calm.

Learning about the ‘voice of judgment’ had the most impact on me. I feel strongly encouraged, empowered in many aspects of my life as I am recognizing and confronting it.