CLUE Institute Workshops

People often approach challenges as problems and rely on what worked in the past.

But in today’s competitive and fast-paced business world, new ideas are better than recycled solutions. Our workshops and courses help your team innovate with confidence.

CLUE Institute Workshops


Communication in Business

Forget ordinary brainstorming exercises that provoke momentary enthusiasm.

To be effective, creativity can’t be an every-now-and-again thing. It must be a way of life. Our programs help you integrate creativity into your organization’s DNA.

Communication and Creativity


Collaboration and Collective Performance

It’s not the number of ideas that count; it’s the quality of them.

When you foster an environment where people are free to create and communicate, you also nurture collaboration, precise execution, and — ultimately — superior performance from the synergy that forms.

Collaboration and Collective Performance


Teamwork and Community Culture

Imagine building a community with the contagious energy of inspired, creative individuals.

What could you accomplish together? How far could your organization go? The answers lie in developing the powerful potential of every member of your team.

CLUE Institute Courses